Bouey et Laurent


Country of Origin

Bordeaux, France



Maison Bouey



Bouey et Laurent



Bordeaux Reserve


Everyone who has ever enjoyed a Bordeaux and fell in love won’t ever forget this wine again. Says Laurenz M. Moser, pioneer of Grüner Veltliner in Austria. In his opinion Bordeaux has always been and still is THE wine and this is the reason why he created in a several years long process a Bordeaux together with Patrick Bouey from the renowned winery Maison Bouey in Ambarès, Bordeaux. The wine with the simple name „Bordeaux“ is a Reserve with typical, elegant elements of Cabernet and a fine wooden note. And still there is an absolute uniqueness about it – thanks to winemaker Alexandra Petit, who gave Bordeaux a modern touch.

Four reasons for Bordeaux Reserve:

1.   Bordeaux is still the most precious word in the wine business.

2.   It is a classic Bordeaux yet in a modern interpretation. It is soft and fruity, just as young people and people young at heart love it today. Also the packaging is modern: a simple word on a beautiful label of high quality.

3.   This approach for a Bordeaux is new: perfect quality for a reasonable price.

4.   Two actors: First Patrick Bouey from Bordeaux. Maison Bouey is a winery with a long tradition and constant innovation at the same time. And then Laurenz Maria Moser, a pioneer for Grüner Veltliner and trend scout in the international wine world at the same time. He knows what the comsumers want and he is willing to give it to them: classic, high quality wines in a new interpretation.