K of Kapadokia


Country of origin

Cappadocia, Turkey



Kocabag Winery



Kocabag Winery, TxB International Fine Wines



K of Kapadokia




K of Kapadokia is a new breed of authentic wines from Cappadocia featuring a red made from indigenous grapes.

Memduh Erdogan and his two brothers from the winery Kocabag in Uchisar/Cappadocia have surrounded themselves with a team of international wine enthusiasts and experts, among them TxB International Fine Wines, to convince the world of Turkish wine. Together they created K of Kapadokia.


But why Turkey? Why Cappadocia?

- Turkey is the next big thing after China

- Turkey is THE cradle of viticulture

- Turkey is the country of indigenous grapes (around 600-1,200 varieties), with 
  “Öküzgözü” and “Bo─čazkere” being among the most interesting from Cappadocia

- A wine family from Cappadocia, a team of pioneer-minded experts have gathered,
   persuing the goal to re-establish Cappadocia as a modern winegrowing region.

- New and unique packaging idea that, with a glance, makes the spirit of this cultural
   land accessible to the interested consumer. We captured the unique atmosphere of   
  this region, that is balloons, fairy chimneys, incredibly beautiful landscape – plus great 
  food and of course great wine. To sum it up: This is a cultural Disney in real!


The region

Cappadocia lies in Central Anatolia/ Turkey.  It is one of the most historic and beautiful regions of the world.

The UNESCO natural and cultural heritage is known for its breathtaking landscapes of white tuff ("Fairy chimneys"), underground cities and ballooning. Persians, Romans, Christians, Armenians, Ottomans and other nations - all left their tracks in more than 3,000 years of history. Findings suggest that wine was cultivated in this region as early as 9,000 BC. After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, viticulture virtually became forgotten for the next 400 years. It is only since the mid-1980s that wine production and quality in Turkey has increased. Cappadocia offers the ideal climatic conditions for viticulture. Still, it's a secret!



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