Castello del Trebbio



Country of origin

Tuscany, Italy



Castello del Trebbio



Anna Baj Macario & Stefano Casadei



Chianti DOCG

Lastricato Chianti Rufina DOCG Riserva

Vigneti Trebbio Toscana IGT




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Castello del Trebbio is a winery located in the Chianti Rùfina region, just a 20-minute drive northeast of Florence. The estate’s history is remarkable: The castle was built in the twelfth century by the Pazzi family. The Pazzis were one of the leading families of Florence and often rivalled the Medici family who had a strong hold on Florence.


In 1968, Count and Countess Baj-Macario bought Trebbio, which was in a state of abandonment at the time. Countess Eugenia restored the buildings and planted vineyards, and was soon marketing her wine. Since her death in 1990, the property has been run by her daughter Anna and Anna´s husband Stefano Casadei, who is the estate’s winemaker. Stefano is one of Italy’s leading viticulturists with global recognition, thanks to his extensive experience in both viticulture and winemaking.


Vigneti Trebbio is a cooperation between Anna Baj-Macario & her husband Stefano Casadei and global wine distributor TxB International Fine Wines managed by Laurenz Maria Moser.


The idea was to create a unique wine, both in its presentation and taste. The result is a truly special label that visually records the Castello’s 830 years of history, which is explained on the back label. The wine itself is based on the traditional Sangiovese grape variety, partly fermented in Amphora to accentuate the Tuscan character. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah enhance the blend of this modern and friendly wine, making it great to enjoy right away.


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