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Michael Mondavi Family



M by Michael Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

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Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon

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Four generations of passion and experience have come together to create the winery and wines. It started in 1919 when Michael Mondavi's grandfather, Cesare, was elected to find grapes and winemaking supplies for families to make wine legally during Prohibition. Thus, in Lodi, California, the Mondavi family began their foray into California winemaking. Today, with son Rob Mondavi, Jr. at the winemaking helm, Michael and the family craft a collection of world-class wines at the Michael Mondavi Family Estate.



SPELLBOUND by Rob Mondavi, Jr.


“Everything about making Petite Sirah rocks; vibrant color, unbridled berry character and plenty of texture creating the perfect balance and one of the most exciting wines that will leave you Spellbound”, says Rob about his great wine.


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Emblem captures the unparalleled quality of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, the exceptional vineyards in which it flourishes, and the artistry and passion of Michael and Rob Mondavi’s winemaking history and legacy. Emblem is the brand that delivers distinctive, high quality, single vineyard and limited production wine from the Michael Mondavi family – IV generations of wine-making expertise in Napa Valley.

An emblem symbolizes a quality, place unparalleled quality of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, it flourishes and the singular contributions of the Michael Mondavi family, who have helped bring Cabernet Sauvignon to the forefront of the fine wine world. Michael and his son Rob imbue Emblem with the artistry and passion for excellence emblematic of their family’s rich winemaking tradition.


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“M” by MICHAEL MONDAVI Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

“Thank you for sharing in M by Michael Mondavi, my new limited production Cabernet Sauvignon, M marks my return to winemaking after more than 30 years, and stands as a genuine expression of my spirit, passion for wine, and my family’s deep roots in the Napa Valley. M is a reflection of my vision for great wine – complex and subtle, made to be enjoyed with a meal, revealing itself slowly over time and inviting you back for a second glass.

An elegant wine with the kind of depth and balance that characterized the Mondavi wines of the 60’s and 70’s when I worked as a winemaker, M is bold but not overpowering. I’ve always believed that a wine with great depth is richer than an overpowering one, and M is made in that spirit. Not your typical California Cabernet, M elevates and intrigues the palate without overwhelming the senses. Elegant, balanced and approachable with bright floral notes, hints of currant, spice, dried berries and a touch of oak to smooth, bind and elevate the flavors, M is ready to be enjoyed today. Or, for those who like more mature, austere wines, M can easily be laid down for thirty years.

I took great care when creating M to make this my signature wine, one that can stand alongside the world’s greatest vintages. Thank you, and please enjoy M with your family and friends.” (quote Michael Mondavi)


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Michael Mondavi admist Mother Nature:
What else plays an important role for his top wine M by Michael Mondavi?


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