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Nagambie, Victoria, Australia



McPherson Wines



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Vintage Secret by McPherson Chardonnay

Vintage Secret by McPherson Shiraz


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From its beginnings as a father/son venture, McPherson Wines remains very much a family affair. Today, Andrew McPherson and his wife Nikki are based in the Nagambie region of Victoria where they oversee the newly established, state-of-the-art bottling facility and work with the winemaker Geoff Thompson to ensure the high standard of quality wines never waivers. McPherson Wines is named after the McPherson family, headed up by Andrew McPherson, founder and winemaker.


  • Producing high quality wines at an affordable price. In fact it would be fair to say that McPherson Wines aim to always over-deliver on quality at any given price point.
  • Andrew is also famous for saying – “I make wine for consumers, not for other winemakers”. Drinkability is key to the McPherson winemaking style.


The McPherson winemaking style makes a hero of the fruit, allowing the ripe qualities of the wine to shine over winemaking tricks. McPherson wines are typically young, fruit-forward and bursting with flavour. Oak is used lightly, so as not to overpower the fruit flavours and the wines are typically medium-bodied, ensuring that a bottle is enjoyed as easily as is a glass.


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